Zinta West Singer/Songwriter

Powerful, Prophetic declarations for your everyday.


 I am a creative from Port Stephens, Australia who is all about bringing the culture of heaven to earth. What do I mean by that? I mean that we are living in a world right now that has a war of cultures. In mainstream music, news and media there's a certain image of this world without the light of Jesus. As believers we know there's more to the story than a hopeless broken world - we have the light of the gospel!

I'm on a mission to create songs, videos and print media to shine the light of Jesus to this world and bring the culture of heaven into your everyday. You'll find there's a collection of all of the above avaliable on this site! This all started with my first album "A VOICE CRIES" so all of my content so far is crafted around that. But don't worry - creativity is in my veins so they'll be more coming in the right time!

Enjoy the content I have created and I pray you'll be blessed and encouraged as you bring the culture of heaven into your everyday. 



Zinta West

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