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the story behind the songs

A Voice Cries has 8 songs and all of them are wrestling with a similar theme in one way or another -

"How does the holiness of God fit with the extreme intimacy we have with him?"

Of course we know the answer to this is simple, Jesus made a way for us to be close to the father and know him in intimacy even though he is a holy God and we are a fallen creation. But let's go beyond the Sunday School answer for a minute and ponder on what that actually means for us in our everyday lives.

The God who made heaven and earth lives in us?! (Interwoven)

He empowers us with his Supernatural Grace?! (Grace, Grace)

Jesus made a way to the Father for all?! (Straight Path Home)

We can dwell in his Holy Presence freely and enjoy his company?! (The Flames Don't Burn)


There's a lot to unpack here. So buckle up buttercup! and enjoy the ride as you listen to A Voice Cries.

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